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Opera Land Below are 9 entries, after skipping 10 most recent ones in the "The Opera Singer" journal:

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May 20th, 2010
02:40 pm


Does anyone know if there are IPA guides for Sibelius songs (or for Swedish in general) out on the interwebs somewhere? I'm doing The Tryst and Diamonds in the Snow at the moment. I've had the Swedish recorded for me and now I'm going through and transcribing it into IPA. It's ever so tiresome and I'm not very good at it, so I thought I'd try IPA Source but no luck there.
If anyone could throw me a lifeline that would be great!

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Current Music: GRIMES!

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April 23rd, 2010
08:04 am


I realized that I need more uptempo pieces in my audition repertoire. I am looking for something that is not too long, and is fast and lively. I would call myself a lyric soprano. Just to give you a better idea of my voice type, here are some things I have been working on recently:

Both Countess arias from Marriage of Figaro.

Elle a fui, la tourterelle from Tales of Hoffmann

Mi Tradi from Don Giovanni

Black Swan from The Medium

Thanks! I can't wait to see what people recommend!

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March 17th, 2010
01:16 pm


Food for Thought: Death in Opera
In opera, everyone dies.

The good, the bad, the loved, the hated, the beautiful and the ugly.

In opera, if someone is important to you, that someone will die.

This highlighting of the inevitability of death makes the death itself less important: it is secondary to why they die, and who they leave behind that matters.


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February 17th, 2010
06:43 pm



Opera: Der Rosenkavalier, La Boheme

Role (that you sing) : Beth in Adamo's Little Women, Sophie in Rosenkav (I've only done the major parts of the role)

Role (that you could potentially sing many many years from now): Full Sophie, I'm told Konstanza but I'm scared of that one

Role (that you will probably never sing) : Tosca :( and the Marchallin

Aria (to listen to/will probably never sing) : Pourqoui me reveiller (le sigh, I'm not a tenor) Embroidery aria (I'll never perform the role...I might learn the aria for shits & giggles)

Aria (you could potentially sing in the future): Glitter and Be Gay...I better, seeing as I have to perform it at the end of March!

Aria (to sing right now): Vorrei Speigarvi (concert arias count, right?) Depuis le jour, Presentation of the Rose (k, it's a duet but eh)

For Ladies: Tenor and Bari/Bass Roles: The Toreador, Commendatore (BAMF!!!)

Female singers (5) (in no order)
Renee Fleming
Diana Damrau
Kate Royal
Dorothea Roschmann

Male Singers (5)
Juan Digeo Florez
The Pav
Bryn Terfel
Alfredo Kraus

Italian Art Song(s) [not my fav, I haven't sung any of these]
Tu Mancavi

Berg's 7 Early Songs ( have sung Nachtigal, Im zimmer and Libesode)
Strauss' Mädchenblume (esp. Epheu and Wasserose) Ich wollt' ein Sträußlein binden, Morgen

Debussy- Apparition
Poulenc- Violon, La reine de coeur

Opera Composer: Strauss, Adamo, Puccini

Musical Period: Eh, Romantic and later


Least Favorite Opera: This current premiere I'm in....it's a western...

Least Favorite Role (to listen to): Donna Anna...whine whine whine

Least Favorite Role (that you see looming in your future): Zerlina

Least Favorite Aria (To listen to): O Mio Babbino Caro

Least Favorite Aria (To sing): Durch Zartlichkeit

Least Favorite Composer: (please don't kill me....) Mozart

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05:24 pm


Because all the cool kids are doing it...
I think I'll adjust this a wee bit since there are some questions where I just don't have an answer. I'm the queen of apathy, but it works for me. I don't really have favorites and I don't really hate certain roles either. I just try to do the best I can with the roles I'm hired for, and I turn down anything that I don't think will work for me.

Opera: Hoffmann when they let me bow and leave after my act is over

Role: Susanna is my signature role

Role in preparation: Zerbinetta

Aria: Caro nome and the Bell Song (I try to drop them, but no one will let me)

Aria for the future: I think Quando m'en vo is probably going to refuse to go away

Lied(er): Amor by Richard Strauss, what else?

Chanson: Debussy's Quatre Chansons de Jeunesse

American Art Song: Nocturne by Barber, The Silver Swan by Rorem

English Art Song: At the Mid Hour of Night by Britten

Opera Composer: Mozart wins with 12 roles performed (Constanza, Blonda, Susanna, Papagena, First Lady, Pamina, Queen of the Night, Madame Herz, Mademoiselle Silberklang, Donna Anna, Despina, Dorabella) and 4 in preparation (Fiordiligi, Ilia, Servilia, Zerlina)

Musical Period: Bel canto

Role I turned down because I didn't think I could sing it well: Marguerite in Faust

Role I turned down because I hate the character: Julie in Carousel

Role I thought I hated but ended up really loving: Oscar

Role I thought I would love but kinda hated: Constanza- I actually prefer singing Blonda and being seconda donna in this one

Biggest stretch: Dorabella- it was a one time kinda thing but so much fun to do!

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February 16th, 2010
03:47 pm



Opera: Changes, but I seem to always come back to Don Giovanni. Right now, the one competing with Don Giovanni is probably Turandot.

Role (that you sing) : Mariane in Tartuffe is amazing, though I've not done the whole role. Zerlina is amazing.

Role (that you could potentially sing many many years from now): Musetta! I already know and perform Quando men vo, though I wouldn't be ready to sing Musetta in an actual production for a little while. Susanna from Figaro is my other "goal" role.

Role (that you will probably never sing) : Violetta. My voice is too light. Or Nicklausse, as I am not a mezzo.

Aria (to listen to/will probably never sing) : Well, I love some male arias (Vecchia zimarra from La Boheme comes to mind), but a soprano aria I will probably never sing? Follie from Traviata. It's why I love the role of Violetta so much. Also Les oiseaux dans la charmille from Les contes d'Hoffmann.

Aria (you could potentially sing in the future): Caro nome, possibly. Or maybe Der Holle Rache.

Aria (to sing right now): Quando men vo! I know it's popular but I love it and it's so much fun. And Endless Pleasure.

For Ladies: Tenor and Bari/Bass Roles: Don Giovanni!

Female singers (5) (in no order)
-Teresa Zylis-Gara
-Dame Joan Sutherland
-Lucia Popp
-Gundula Janovitz
-Kiri Te Kanawa
-Jennifer Check
-Jill Gardner

Male Singers (5)
-Franz Crass
-Daniel Taylor
-Christopher Temporelli
-Daniil Shtoda
-Wayne Tigges

Italian Art Song(s)
-Se Florinda e fedele (Scarlatti)
-La pastorella sul primo albore (Vivaldi)

-An Chloe (Mozart)
-I like Hugo Wolf in general

-Mai (Faure)
-Lydia (also Faure)

Opera Composer: Puccini, Verdi, Mozart. I like Handel and Vivaldi, but not quite as much.

Musical Period: I like everything. Including newer stuff- Carlyle Sharpe and Marjorie Merryman are my two newest favorite composers.


Least Favorite Opera: Madame Butterfly (even though I generally love Puccini)

Least Favorite Role (to listen to): Butterfly. Seriously, I don't like her.

Least Favorite Role (that you see looming in your future): I'd be so happy to take anything anyone threw at me, I just don't know!

Least Favorite Aria (To listen to): O mio babbino caro

Least Favorite Aria (To sing): O mio babbino caro

Least Favorite Composer: Strauss. Used to be Wagner but I've heard some Wagner that I really liked.

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05:54 pm


Opera meme

Opera: Billy Budd, Ring, Don Giovanni

Role (that you sing) : right now? I think I could do Tosca if I can get back into training. Know it by heart...

Role (that you could potentially sing many many years from now): Isolde

Role (that you will probably never sing) : Donna Anna. Too high.

Aria (to listen to/will probably never sing) : Hier sitz' ich zur Wacht - well, I really can't sing bass...

Aria (you could potentially sing in the future): Immolation Scene (yeah, I do sing it when nobody hears... :D)

Aria (to sing right now): Vissi d'arte

For Gals :
Tenor and Bari/Bass Roles: so many. If I was a tenor, I'd totally specialize for Britten. If baritone, mainly for Verdi and of course, add Don Giovanni. If bass, I'd like to do King Philip, Hagen, Claggart, Wotan and the Commendatore.

Female singers (5)
Maria Callas
Leontyne Price
Mirella Freni
Nina Stemme
Birgit Nilsson

Male Singers (5) same as above

Only 5? Hm...

Philip Langridge
Ettore Bastianini
Rod Gilfry
Matti Salminen
Donald McIntyre

Italian Art Song(s)

don't know any... if O sole mio doesn't count


Winterreise and Die schöne Müllerin, preferably with Bostridge.

Opera Composer: Britten and Wagner

Musical Period: Romantic

Edit: Meh, apparently I missed the second half. There was no blank meme. *cough*

Least Favorite Opera:  I hate Pagliacci and I could totally live with never hearing Fidelio again.

Least Favorite Role ( to listen to): Any of the girlish, whining lyric tenors.

Least Favorite Role (that you see looming in your future):

Least Favorite Aria (To listen to): Vesti la giubba - the main reson I hate Pagliacci. Bad tenors and their fake sobbings. *shudders*

Least Favorite Aria (To sing): Anything for lyric soprano, they're a pain for me... it's like a volcano trying to be a small bonfire.

Least Favorite Composer: Meyerbeer and other forgotten-but-dragged-out-for-a-diva types.

Recommend an Opera Recording: The Hickox // Keenlyside / Langridge / Tomlinson // LSO recording of Billy Budd. Three perfect singers and I just adore Hickox's tempi.

Recommend a Recital Album: anything with Ian Bostridge, really. That man is a genius.

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05:52 pm


My first post and of course it's a meeeeeeme
Opera: Le nozze di Figaro or Dialogues de Carmelites (I assume this is favorites, not just favorites I sing)

Role (that you sing) : Lucia di Lammermoor

Role (that you could potentially sing many many years from now): Anna Bolena

Role (that you will probably never sing) : Carmen, unless I find a really sympathetic conductor who just wants to. Or Nedda. Damn, I love Nedda, but you'd never hear me.

Aria (to listen to/will probably never sing) : OHHH god the aria the 2nd Prioress sings to the nuns in prison in Dialogues des Carmelites

Aria (you could potentially sing in the future): Er, this is a good question, I can sing pretty much everything I'm dying to sing.

Aria (to sing right now): The mad scene from Lucia di Lammermoor

For Gals : Tenor and Bari/Bass Roles: OHHHH god Scarpia. Or Don Giovanni. Yum.

Female singers (5)
Beverly Sills!
Mariella Devia
Montserrat Caballé
Carol Vaness, esp. early stuff
Yvonne Kenny
and so many others

Male Singers (5)
Andre d'Arkor
Carlo Bergonzi
Piero Cappuccilli
José Van Dam
José Antonio García (I know you don't know who he is. You will).
got to add César Augusto Gutierrez.

Add to all of those: anyone who sings legato...

Italian Art Song(s)
O del mio amato ben

Als Luisa die Briefe ihres ungetreuen Liebhabers verbrannte (Mozart)
Abendempfindung (Mozart)
Widmung (Schumann)
Waldesgespräch (Schumann)
Du bist die Ruh (Schubert)
Ständchen (Schubert)
Ich hab' in Penna einen Liebsten wohnen (Wolf)
Von ewiger Liebe (Brahms)

Fine, I'll put it anyway
Le colibri (Chausson) - hands-down favorite
Lune d'avril (Poulenc)

Opera Composer: Mozart, Verdi, Donizetti, Poulenc

Musical Period: Classical


Least Favorite Opera: I just fucking hate La forza del destino. The opera about the curse laid upon the couple by the father after the tenor drops the gun and it shoots daddy...in the foot. He dies of what, gangrene?

Least Favorite Role ( to listen to): Pinkerton. What a fuckin' whiner.

Least Favorite Role (that you see looming in your future): That's why the word "no" was invented.

Least Favorite Aria (To listen to): I don't listen to arias I don't like

Least Favorite Aria (To sing): I don't sing arias I don't like.

Least Favorite Composer: In general? Or just for opera? For opera I'm none too fond of Giordano. In general...I'm none too fond of Giordano.

Recommend an Opera Recording: The Solti Nozze di Figaro, Popp, Te Kanawa, Von Stade, Ramey, Allen (YUM). Also the Traviata with Caballé, Milnes, Bergonzi, Prêtre conducting. Holy crap. Also anything conducted by Carlos Kleiber.

Recommend a Recital Album: Bach Cantatas 82 and 199, Lorraine Hunt Lieberson. Abso-fucking-lutely devastating. What an artist that woman was.

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09:35 pm


Jumping in the opera meme bandwagon

Opera: (this is subject to change) Samson et Dalila by Camille Saint-Saens

Role (that you sing) : Either Carmen or Cherubino

Role (that you could potentially sing many many years from now): CHERUBINO.

Role (that you will probably never sing) : Hmmm anything too heavy or coloratura (though I have sung Der Holle Rach before)

Aria (to listen to/will probably never sing) : Stride la Vampa

Aria (you could potentially sing in the future): I'm learning Amour, viens aider by Saint-Saens and Non so piu cosa son at the moment...and Una Voce Poco Fa

Aria (to sing right now): Mon coeur s'ouvre a ta voix by Saint-Saens or Habanera by Bizet

For Gals :
Tenor and Bari/Bass Roles: hmm...*edited, thanks madamevoilanskafor correcting me! :D* Don Jose in Carmen or the father in La Fille du Regiment by Donizetti

For Guys:
Soprano and Mezzo/Contralto Roles:

Female singers (5)
Maria Callas
Kiri Te Kanawa
Tove Dahlberg (I suggest you all check her out! She's young and fresh)
Rachelle Gerodias (amazing filipina soprano)
Sumi Jo (her voice sounds like a flute! She's absolutely amazing)

Male Singers (5) same as above
Placido Domingo, Carreras, Russell Watson, Andrea Boccelli (he's more pop opera, I know, but whatever, I like his emotional interpretations), Pavarotti or Caruso
oh and Bryn Terfel :D

Italian Art Song(s)
Pieta, Signore!
O Cessate di piagarmi
Nel Cor Piu Non mi Sento

Widmung by Schubert
Wohin? by Schubert
Morgengruß by Schubert
(yes, I'm a Schubert fan girl)

Opera Composer: Camille Saint-Saens or W.A. Mozart

Musical Period: Romantic


Least Favorite Opera: La Boheme by Puccini. I just don't sympathize with any of the characters at all, and it's so overplayed.

Least Favorite Role ( to listen to): Mimi. I think she's weak.

Least Favorite Role (that you see looming in your future): Dido from Dido and Aeneas. So morbid.

Least Favorite Aria (To listen to):

Least Favorite Aria (To sing): I don't normally sing arias I don't like, I love all of the ones I sing at the moment. Though Che Faro Senza Euridice is starting to get on my nerves, just because I keep having to sing it.

Least Favorite Composer: ...

Recommend an Opera Recording: either The Ultimate Maria Callas Collection or Tenorissimo

Recommend a Recital Album: Mezzo-Soprano Arias by John Wustman. I'm technically a lyric soprano in terms of timbre and god knows what with regards to range, but the arias in this collection are pretty awesome, and I'm performing most of the songs here (save Stride la vampa! , Voce di donna and Connais tu le pays?) for a recital in November. :D

Tap your head three times.
Touch your nose.
Sing a High C (if you have it)
Press send

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