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The Opera Singer
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This community is for opera lovers, opera singers, vocal performance majors, and aspiring classical singers. No, you don't have to be an opera singer to post here. If you like, you can be a high school or college student studying classical music, it does not really matter. If you enjoy opera then come in and join our fun! However, I, (the moderator) ask that you please read the rules after you join.

The Rules

This is a community for people who sing opera, listen to opera, and people who enjoy opera singers of the past and opera singers of today.

This is a topic-specific community. Please keep this in mind when posting and commenting. Posts do not have to be strictly opera related - discussions on other facets of classical music are accepted and encouraged.

Freedom of speech applies here on this community. Be respectful of the members of the community. Give legitimate reasons why you think you're right in your opinion.

Don’t Feed the Trolls, they don’t like you either.
Trolls will be silenced, now I’m a realistic fairy and I’m not talking about things nasty comments, controversial statements, or swearing. That shit happens, its part of life. I’m talking about people deliberately going out of their way to create trouble and generally be assholes.
I’m a smart fairy; I know the difference between the two.

On the topic of surveys.
I’m all for surveys, they’re fun, they waste time, they help all you cute human-people procrastinate when you should be translating something. Feel free to post them, feel free to fill them out and share your answers, but please share your answers in a comment. If we get multiples of the same survey on the list, cluttering up friends-pages, I’ll have to delete all the extras. If you post your survey in the comments and would like to keep track of the post to see everyone else’s answers, click the little pushpin icon on the comments page. That is the “tracking” button, and you can have all comments to that post e-mailed to you.

Some Opera Singer FAQ:
These questions will be answered as we get posts about them. The links to the posts will be posted here, so everyone can reference them.

How does this fach system thing work?
Read This First: http://community.livejournal.com/operasingers/686179.html?view=6560355

What are some Duets for:

Two Sopranos/Soprano and Mezzo/Two Mezzos:

Two Tenors/A tenor and a bass or baritone/ Two basses or baritones

How about trios?

Online Dictionaries, IPA resources
http://www.ipasource.com/ - IPA resource
http://dict.leo.org/ - German/English English/German Dictionary

Song Lyric References, Aria Resources, Translations etc.

General Resources:
http://www.schubertline.com - Art Songs/Arias/Sheet Music, for a small fee

About Me, Your moderator, THE MAGIC GIG FAIRY

I am the magic gig fairy, I don’t exist in real life, but LJ-land isn’t real life.
I am here just to make sure things don’t get out of hand, I won’t do much, just keep the trolling down, and the rules updated. I’m here to remind you to get out and find gigs because and make things happen for yourself, the Magic Gig Fairy doesn’t exist in real life, so I can’t help you outside of LJ-land.

Whatever I do, it will be done quickly and quietly.

But, I’m a good fairy, a cute Fairy, and this is not a dictatorship.